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Let's go on an adventure. 

Earlier this July, the Chicago Tribune named Aunt Millie’s the best store-bought burger bun in Chicago. The entire Aunt Millie’s family is honored to be picked, but that led us to ask a bigger question: if we’re the best bun, how do you build the best burger?

To get to the bottom of this problem, we’re drafting Mama, Papa, and Baby Bunhead out of their summer vacation and putting them to work. They’ll be traveling around the Midwest, looking for the best ingredients to pair with Aunt Millie’s buns and craft the perfect sandwich. The journey starts Saturday, July 23 at the St. Joe Pickle Festival. The Bunheads are still working hard on the rest of their schedule for this quest, but they’ve already got their eyes on a few possible stops. (World’s largest bottle of ketchup, anyone?)

Look for the Bunhead family and the Aunt Millie’s crew at the Pickle Festival and throughout the summer to grab some coupons, voice your vote to build the perfect burger, and even take home some Aunt Millie’s buns of your own!