Winner: Five Star Dive Bar


When I started out on this journey, the goal was pretty simple - I wanted to find the best burger. Now that I’m back at my desk in Fort Wayne and all my recaps are up, it’s time to crown a winner.

Best Overall Burger: I didn’t spend all that time on the bike just to pick a burger that’s a few minutes from my house. Luckily, the Five Star Dive Bar in Elkhart, Indiana made the trip worthwhile with their Farmhand Burger. I only found out about Five Star Dive Bar after my trip had already started, and adding this detour to my trip was a great choice. Their combination of bacon, a fried egg, and an Aunt Millie’s brioche bun blew me away, and I have to give it the nod for the best burger on my entire trip.

Five Star Dive Bar

If you can’t make the trip to Elkhart to check this burger out for yourself, the good news is that every stop on my journey offered a fantastic burger. There wasn’t a disappointment in the bunch. So, check out my recap posts and swing into the location nearest you. (Shout out to Henry’s and Don Hall’s Gas House for holding down the burger front here in the Fort!)

In addition, a bunch of people offered suggestions that I couldn’t make it to on this trip. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions! I hope I get the chance to check those out soon!

Gavin Saxer