Day Two: Goshen, Ind. to Sturgis, Mich.


Yesterday, I mentioned that you shouldn’t start a bike trip under the threat of a rainstorm. Ideally, your first day should be much more like my second: lower temperatures, a few less miles, and two really solid burgers.

After spending the night in Goshen, I started my day at the South Side Soda Shop. The shop feels like a throwback to the 1950s, and the burger I got matched that vibe.

It was nothing too fancy, just a solid, basic burger in an awesome atmosphere. It’s definitely a burger you could eat every day and it was a great sandwich to have before my riding for the day really started.

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Leaving Goshen, I headed northwest toward the city of Elkhart and the Five Star Dive Bar. This place wasn’t on my initial route the day I left Fort Wayne, but when my first post went live, Five Star’s chef reached out and said I had to swing by. (She even posted a picture of their Farmhand burger on an Aunt Millie’s brioche bun, just in case I wasn’t convinced.) I didn’t mind making a detour to meet some ardent Aunt Millie’s fans, and while it was a bit out of my way, it was well worth the extra effort. My full rankings for both these burgers are below, but two days into this trip it’s looking like one of these is going to be pretty hard to beat.

The detour to Elkhart meant I had a couple options for the rest of my day. I could take it a little easy and enjoy the time riding without rain, or I could stretch the second half of my day and get a bit of a head start on tomorrow’s miles. I chose the second, and roughly 40 miles later crossed the border into Michigan and stopped in Sturgis for the night.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my first taste of a “Pure Michigan” burger, but for now, here’s the info on the two great burgers that fueled my ride today.


STANDARD QUARTER-POUND BURGER at South side soda shop in Goshen, IN.

Overall taste: Four Stars

A good, cheap, basic burger in a cool atmosphere.

Use of Bun: Four Stars

Nothing fancy, which is what makes it great. Your grandfather loved this burger growing up. You will, too.

Value: Four and a half Stars.

This is 25-cent soda levels of bang-for-your-buck. 

Extras: Four Stars.

Sometimes you don't want to mess with a classic. Ketchup and mustard are fine, thanks. 

Gram-ability: Five Stars.

The trick here isn't the burger, it's the entire restaurant. Bust out your B&W filter and go crazy for Throwback Thursday.

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Overall taste: Five Stars

Awesome! The Farmhand burger has a combination of ingredients I never expected to see on a burger but it worked. It was like breakfast on a cheese burger (Egg, Bacon, and Hashbrowns).

Use of Bun: Five Stars

The toasted brioche was the perfect compliment to the breakfast-esque burger.

Value: Four and a half Stars.

At $8, it isn't the cheapest burger I've seen, but it's worth every penny.

Extras: Five Stars.

The spicy ketchup goes great (if you like hot sauce on your breakfast and ketchup on your burger).

Gram-ability: Five Stars.

A picture of this burger is what got me into the restaurant. Can’t say much more than that.

Gavin Saxer