Day One: Fort Wayne, Ind. to Goshen, Ind.


If you’re planning a multi-state bike tour to find the perfect burger, I have one recommendation: don’t spend your first day caught in the rain.

I started my Quest for the Perfect Burger at Don Hall’s Gas House in Fort Wayne. The Hall’s family is one of the biggest names in food in Fort Wayne, and the Gas House is a go-to spot for a nicer lunch for the downtown crowd.


My burger of choice was the Memphis Two-Fisted Burger, a giant burger with fried onion and bacon, all on an Aunt Millie’s Onion Bun. It’s a great burger and the mix of the onion bun, fried onion, and A1 sauce makes it obvious why it is a local favorite. (My full ratings for this burger are at the end of the post.)

My quest technically started at the Gas House, but honestly, eating burgers is the easy part of this adventure. After a quick chat with a local TV station, I said my goodbyes to the team that helped me plan this trip, and it was finally time to take off. My first ride took me from Fort Wayne to Goshen, Ind., where I’ll be trying another burger over lunch tomorrow. Just getting to Goshen took the rest of the day, though. 

The ride was a little more than 70 miles and took me just under four and a half hours. That’s the short version of the story. The long version includes rain. Lots of rain.

Here’s an incomplete list of places I ducked into to try and stay dry on the way to Goshen: 

  • Underneath raised train tracks. Less scary than it sounds, but also less dry. Rain can go right through train tracks, guys.
  • A gas station. This trip is about burgers, but 70 miles on a bike burns a ton of calories. If you stop at a gas station and they don’t have burgers… gas station pizza is a risky choice. Turned out okay for me, though. Your mileage may vary.
  • A tree… then a barn. Help can come from strange places. While I was trying to stay dry under a tree (add some hail in with the rain and it is very unpleasant to ride in), I heard that loud “dad” whistle and turned around to see an Amish man, waving me over to his barn. We chatted about my trip for a bit, and then when the rain let up, I was back on my way.

I have a couple more stops planned for tomorrow, and a ton of miles before I spend the night in Sturgis, Michigan. Stop back by the blog tomorrow to see how those burgers stack up, and send me some good vibes that maybe tomorrow is drier than today was.


The Memphis Two-Fisted Burger at Don Hall’s Gas House in Fort Wayne, IN.

Overall taste: 4.5 Stars

Very good. The onion bun with fried onion and bacon was very nice, and the A1 really topped it off! Based purely on my tastebuds and preference for lots of meat and cheese, and a hearty bun.

Use of Bun: Five Stars

The onion bun was amazing! It was slightly toasted and didn’t get lost between the condiments and meat. I could still taste it. 

Value: Four Stars.

For what I got  it was reasonable. This burger was huge and well-worth the money. 

Extras: Five Stars.

The A1 sauce made the burger! The fried onion and bacon were also super nice on the burger, although it was a little too oniony for riding a bike all day. 

Gram-ability: Four Stars

The plating was perfect. The burger came out just waiting to be photographed.

Gavin Saxer