Top 10 Burgers for Memorial Day Weekend


Summer is officially official (definitely a real term) once Memorial Day comes and the pools open. It's time to peel back the pool covers and spark up the grill. To really start the season right you'll need a great burger, on a great Aunt Millie’s bun. So, to get you started we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the Top 10 Burgers for Memorial Day weekend!


Best Barbecue Burger

It’s so simple and so classic with bacon, cheese, and onion rings. Combining the sweet tang or barbecue sauce with the saltiness of onion rings create a nearly perfect culinary recipe.

Aunt Millie's Hearth Hamburger Buns.jpg

Greek Lamb Burger

This is an incredibly complex yet light burger. All the tasty spice and herbs of the Mediterranean add a unique richness to your burger. Using lamb rather than beef between Aunt Millie’s Hearth Classic White buns gives it an extra spark of authenticity.

Aunt Millie's Hearth Buns

French Onion Burger with Chips

The salty, cheesy satisfaction of a French onion soup...but on a burger. Packed between the full-flavored Aunt Millie’s Hearth Classic Hamburger buns. It just has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it.

Aunt Millie's Heath Hamburger Buns.jpg

Blue Cheese Topped Burger

A savory burger against the sharp, melt-in-your-mouth blue cheese is astounding. Even your pickiest eaters will marvel at how good it is.

Aunt Millie's Hearth Buns

Asian-Style Pork Burger

Another great alternative to beef. The Asian-Style Pork Burger combines all of the flavor and freshness of Asian cuisines in a new way


Banh Mi Burger

Traditional Banh Mi sandwiches are a French-Vietnamese hybrid creation using pickled vegetables and various chilis. Pile yours on an Aunt Millie’s Hearth Classic Sesame bun for a light and delicious reimagined banh mi burger.

Aunt Millie's Heath Hamburger Buns.jpg

The "All-In" Burger

Why decide between beef or pork? Combine them all. Bacon, ground sausage and ground beef bring the best of all the meats together. Between pillowy soft, light and sweet Aunt Millie’s Hearth Hawaiian Buns and topped with heaps of cheese, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this years before.

Aunt Millie's Heath Hamburger Buns.jpg

Benedict Burgers

You may think that a Benedict burger isn't a great name considering it's Memorial Day, but once you get a taste of the Swiss cheese and creamy Hollandaise sauce you'll forget all about that.

Aunt Millie's Heath Hamburger Buns.jpg

Grilled Jalapeño Pico Burger

Bringing the heat with this burger! The Jalapeño Pico burger isn't for the faint of heart. Fresh jalapeño slices and pico de gallo make this a very fresh treat with a bit of heat.

Aunt Millie's Heath Hamburger Buns.jpg

All-American Burger

Of course we couldn't leave you with a list of the best burgers for Memorial Day weekend without the signature All-American Burger. It's a classic. It's the signature. It ain't broke and it don't need fixed

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