Lake Life with Little Ones

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One of the most joyous moments of childhood and adulthood alike is beholding the wonderment of nature. Heading up to a lake and spending time around water is not only peaceful, but can be a time to connect with our families. If you're taking children out to a lake house or on the boat, whether it be the first time or the 100th, we think that these tidbits of wisdom are always poignant.

1. Pack Aunt Millie’s Buns!

Remember that food and snacks are always important in keeping tiny tikes tantrum free. You’ll likely be roasting hot dogs over a fire or grilling burgers once you get back from the water, and because of that, you’re going to want the best buns. But when you’re taking the boat out, you may want to pack sandwiches, and you’ll need a bun that can stand up packed in a cooler or between the towels. Not mediocre, not flimsy, not ordinary tasting– but great buns. Aunt Millie’s hot dog buns are great for both brats and hotdogs alike and are top-notch. Just make sure to hold off getting in the water right after eating to ward off any cramps.

2. Don’t Rush the Journey

One of the amazing things about summers with children is that it forces you to slow down and tread at their pace. Oftentimes, adults get caught up in the end goal that we literally don’t stop to smell the roses. Children, on the other hand, want to stop and play with an interesting shell or squish their feet deep into the sand, maybe even before you’ve found the perfect spot on the beach. Don’t discourage this. In fact, join them. Getting lost in the moment is entirely what summers are all about. There’s no agenda here, so go ahead and pretend you’re a pirate or a mermaid with them.

3. No Really– Have Good Food.

You really, really need to eat and stay hydrated during weekends at the lake. There are myriads of things that can make kids and adults grumpy: no shower, hot, cold, sunburn, sandy bums, etc. So have your buns and recipes ready. Try these for lunches by the lake.

4. Safety

While the lake is a relaxing destination it is worthwhile mentioning that there are safety concerns to plan for. Making sure young ones know the importance of water safety is paramount. Learning to identify ticks and poison ivy will prove beneficial. Hydration on hot days will have to be regulated. While we want to have fun we also want to be safe! Pack along your first aid kit and enjoy your weekend.

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