Labor Day Recipes That are Not Labor Intensive


Labor Day is a celebration of the everyday working families that keep America moving. But it also serves as an unofficial demarcation that summer is ending as cultural summer activities tend to switch toward fall activities. As the school season starts back up, football season begins, and the Yule holidays are in our nearer horizons, Labor Day is the last "hurrah" of the summer season.

We've compiled a list of the top 5 recipes we think perfectly encapsulates Labor Day. The recipes are not labor-intensive, because we believe the last thing anyone should do on Labor Day is labor.

So spark up the grill one last time and enjoy!


Reuben Brats

Reuben Sandwiches are some of the best sandwiches to ever exist. So we felt a challenge; how can we make something nearly perfect even more exciting? Imagine our delight when we landed on reuben brats. Our Hearth Classic White Hot Dog Buns host a Johnsonville brat with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Easy, but delicious.


Roast Beef Cheddar Sandwich

This sandwich tastes like it took hours to make, but in reality, it is actually quite simple to assemble. We told you, no laboring on Labor Day. Pile roast beef, melted cheddar cheese, barbecue, and tangy pickles between Hearth Brioche Hamburger Buns –just wait, you will be drooling at the mere scent of it.


BLT Hot Dog

Sometimes it's hard work to choose between a sandwich and a hot dog. Why choose? This BLT Hot Dog incorporates the best parts of a BLT with a hot dog for a truly satisfying experience. On our Hearth White Hot Dog buns layer bacon, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise and relax!


Buffalo Hot Dog

With fall coming around the corner, and football season quickly approaching, this hot dog perfectly captures the changing of seasons between summer foods and tailgate treats. A hot dog with buffalo sauce and all the fixings of wings on our Deli Mini Sub Buns marry the best flavors of two classic foods.


Hawaiian Brats

You need something a little tropical to end your summer on a high note! Bratwursts with crushed pineapple and teriyaki sauce on Deli Mini Sub Buns are the perfect way to say 'Aloha' to summer. They’re both easy to assemble and fun to eat. So hopefully this Labor Day you’re able to sit back and relax like you were in Hawaii.

As always, thanks for all of your hard work. We hope you have a prosperous and wonderful holiday. Be safe, and wear your SPF!

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