Next New Thing: DIY Hot Dog Bar

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Move over taco bars. See ya, Bloody Mary bars. The new thing for summer is the hot dog & brat bar. 

Hot dogs and brats go hand-in-hand with American summer culture. You eat them gathering around for backyard parties, for baseball games, and summer events. So why not get a bit creative with your hot dogs and brats? 

Bar options make sharing a meal with friends an event and encourage people to have fun and be creative - thinking outside of their traditional views of what a hot dog or brat should look like. Plus, is there anything more lovely than someone who has taken the time and care to display every and any thing you could possibly want on your hot dog or brat? We think the sentiment of it really touches guests. 

1. Fixin’s

Aside from the obvious garnishes and condiments, let your creative side shine through when thinking about hot dogs and brats toppings. Display unique cheeses, guacamole, macaroni, or chili. You get the picture. This is where you can have fun and enjoy creating different hot dog or brat concoctions with your loved ones. Your guests will appreciate the novelty of unique topping options and the care taken to display them creatively. 

2. Get the better buns! 

You knew this was coming. We love buns, obviously. All our buns are great options that serve as the foundation for the brat/hot dog. So make sure you have a plethora of options for your guests, like our Hearth Hawaiian Hot Dog Buns or Hearth Whole Grains buns. Having options enables those with special dietary restrictions or concerns the ability to participate and enjoy themselves. 

3. Help 'em out 

Give your guests a little direction. It isn't rocket science building your own hot dog or brat, but we've come to find people need a little encouragement to really get the ball rolling. Create labels that tell people what's spicy or sour, etc. Let them know it’s okay to get ‘weird’ and what things are so that they aren’t stumbling around wondering what to do. You can start encouraging them by displaying on a white board a few recipe options, or creating a challenge for most unique recipe. 

4. Try some different recipes

If you need a little nudge to get the creative brat juices flowing, anyone of these recipes is a great start. 

We hope you have fun! Let us know what you come up with. We’re always eager to try a new recipe. 

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