Best Burgers for the End of Summer


Autumn slowly fades up over summer—time for tailgates and backyard retreats replete with cheers and jeers about misremembered gridiron glories and other yesterday yarns. Autumnal days explode with color, while the nights tingle with crispness made for snuggling. Fall is hamburger weather, and we’ve got ideas to satiate appetites both common and complex.

1. Asian Style Pork Burger

Sweet blends with savory in a classic remix of East and West, that easily rests on a tasty Johnsonville Stadium Hamburger Bun.


2. French Onion Soup Burger

“Vive la Aunt Millie’s!” If only Louis XVI had this dish inspired by the soup he made so very famous back in the eighteenth century.


3. Korean Burgers

Johnsonville Stadium Hamburger buns, ground beef, soy sauce, sesame seeds, sugar, coleslaw—that’s how you bring some Seoul to the table.


4. Cheesy Double Meat Burgers

What do you get with a recipe that includes ground beef, thinly-sliced black forest ham, cheese sauce and an Aunt Millie’s Pretzel bun? Huzzahs a plenty. Make sure you’ve got more than enough.


5. Pimento Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

Pimento is a sweet, succulent pepper that mixes with cheddar and a wee bit of jalapeño heat to take the chill out of the fall air.


6. Johnsonville Grillers Sandwich

One package of Johnsonville Grillers Burger Buns and Johnsonville Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Grillers equals a simply delicious sandwich.


7. All American Burger

Johnsonville Grillers Burger Buns are the sweet ends of this meaty, cheesy, thick and juicy sandwich that’ll top off the hungriest challenger.


8. Best Barbecue Burger

If barbecue was only for summer, Memphis would clear out for nine months. Indeed, autumn is for barbecue lovers, too, especially when that tangy treat slides along on an Aunt Millie’s Deli Kaiser Bun.

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