Put Some Farmers' Market on Your Burger

Aunt Millie's Hamburger Buns

Grilling isn’t the only thing that makes burgers the food of summer. They’re also an ideal vehicle for all that fresh produce that you find at the farmers’ market every Saturday or maybe even have growing in your own garden.

Maybe a plain old burger sounds like an underwhelming meal, like what you’d feed the kids while the grownups eat steak or fish from the grill. But burgers aren’t just for kids. Paired with the right bun—Aunt Millie’s, of course—and some fresh produce, burgers straight from the grill are the food of summer for all ages.

If you’re the gardening or farming type, summer is when the patience of winter and the labor of spring pay off in spades. Big, juicy red tomatoes glisten in the sun—or maybe you prefer the less acidic, funkier look of an heirloom tomatoes, which also have that sheen of health that sunlight gives everything.

That crisp, almost sweet butter lettuce tastes even better because you grew it yourself. You also like to put homemade coleslaw on your burgers so you have red cabbage growing in your garden too.

And if crispy isn’t the sensation you’re after this time, think of all the veggie toppings you can grill along with your burger. Green peppers! Red peppers! Orange peppers! Yellow onions! White onions! Red onions! (You get the picture?)

You can find pickles at any Midwest farmers’ market. Bread and butter or dill? Better get both. You never know what you’ll be in the mood for when burger time rolls around.